Thursday, November 12, 2009

Syair Spontan I

Listen dear, for this is funny but true,

that I is a lot like you,

wondrously colorful, filled with every hue,

yet, like you, can sometimes be full of shit too.



dila raden said...


jadi boifren ai?

Vermouth & Viola said...

colorful shit at times :)

Weed and Bandages said...

lepas baca terus teringat Dr Seuss

Lin said...

somewhat bitter but tasteful -like dark chocolate. this could work for a hallmark's sorry-but-this-isn't-working-out-so-i'm-dumping-you card.

Sue Anna Joe said...

Yes shit can be of many hues. Yellowish, light brownish, greenish, dark brownish and even black when you take iron supplements.

Yes, iron supplements, I take during my pregnancy. Black shit yo. Not to mention the constipation.

But then again, without the shit, our body would be full of crap.

Pease said...

Each contribute to society the best
they can.

Just look after the ones near you.
Dont be depressed..

The glass is half full or half empty
depending on your attitude to life.

Just dont commit suicide

K-Addicts said...

hi, bloghopping ini unik.tima kasih.

weed something out said...

lamanya rehat..