Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Society & Its Demands and Expectations

Some members of the society may be smart, but as a whole, I'm convinced that society is a dumb mass.

Maybe the society now has got you by your balls....
maybe by your neck...
by your mind..

But don't succumb, fight these fools off and push through!


NeemoNeemo™ said...

Rasa-rasanya ramai yang give up dan ikut trend saja. Orang lain bodoh, aku pun jadi bodoh jugaklah senang. Susah nak berjalan menentang arus dan lambat sampai.

NeemoNeemo™ said...

Blood ke tu? Apa depa buat kat camel itu?

47 said...

Happy new year lol

Yeah, that's blood. Ini cubaan nak mengorbankan seekor unta yg ternyata heroic.

In my opinion, we could all learn from this unfortunate camel - that is the approach of:

"You want to take me down? Ok, I'll take down 10 of you with me!"

Have a nice day neem!